In an increasingly complex international environment and in the process of global cultural digitalization, LPC is willing to assume the responsibility of China’s private enterprises for the country, adhere to the optimization of the international copyright trading platform for digital art display and cultural digital asset auction, help China’s small and medium-sized cultural enterprises’ digital transformation “hurdle race”, and make its own efforts to create a cultural “the age of going to sea” for the country.

Based in Chao Yang District, LPC radiates the world. Promote advantageous trading technologies and copyright protection standards to the world, strive to make Chinese standards become international standards, and lead the new international cultural digital economy. LPC responds to changes with an unchanging original intention, integrates the concern for the country and the ambition of serving the country into seizing the commanding height of the digital market of global cultural trade, and devotes itself to the great rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation.